10 Million Single, Female Workers at Extreme Financial Risk From a Disability

More than 1 in 4 American women workers today will experience a serious disability before reaching normal retirement age.

June, 27, 2019 | The Council for Disability Awareness

In a new survey of the awareness and ownership of disability insurance across today’s workforce, The Council for Disability Awareness (The CDA) uncovered that the 32 million, unmarried women workers, who make up 25 percent of today’s American workforce are underinsured for a disability.

Among all single women in the U.S. whether never married, divorced or widowed – nearly 1 in 3 said they were “extremely unprepared” for any period of disability if they should lose their income. That number equates to roughly 10-million women in America.

The survey found that 52% of all single, working women, age 20-65, have no disability insurance at all. For those women without disability insurance, over half reported they never thought to get it or didn’t know enough about it. And of those who have disability insurance, only 55% say they have enough.

“We’ve always known that women had higher rates of disability throughout their working careers than men, excluding pregnancy. But we were surprised to see how few single women have disability insurance or other forms of income protection, or thought to get it,” said Carol Harnett, President of The CDA.

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