These 4 Objections Could Kill Voluntary and Worksite Life Sales

The author has ideas about how you can help the employees see the situation in a different light.

October 28, 2019 | By Jennifer Gassaway – ThinkAdvisor

Benefits enrollment season is here.

While employers and employees will primarily be focused on medical benefits, now is the perfect time to remind them of the value of life insurance. Increasing voluntary life insurance enrollment can be a challenge for brokers, because employees often don’t understand the coverage they may automatically receive from their employer, the coverage they actually need, and the gap between employer-provided and personal coverage.

Regardless of age, income or marital status, life insurance is a universal benefit that delivers financial security and protects an employee’s family interests in the event something happens.

As you consider your upcoming benefits conversations, consider how you’ll handle the following four objections to life insurance, which can often be barriers to purchase.

1. ‘I don’t need it. I’m healthy and careful.’

It’s important for employees recognize the need to prepare for the unexpected.

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